"Smokin' Aces"

To become a referee, you must be at least 14 years old and successfully complete an Initial Entry Referee Course.


To develop a group of the best referees. The primary purpose is to identify Grade 7/8 referees that have unlimited potential to assist in developing a stronger referee program for years to come. Additionally, the purpose of this group is to serve as role models, develop and mentor other referees in the State, and to work with other members toward advancement in grade and abilities as referees. The role models and mentors will be those Grade 6 who have either participated as a member of this group or expressed a desire to improve the overall program within the State.


It is recommended that officers be named who will report to the Alabama SRA and SYRA concerning activities, programs, and accomplishments, as well as for any assistance or recommendations required. A state appointed representative will serve as an advisor to the organization. Any disputes will be conducted by the Alabama State Referee Committee and their decisions will be final.

Recommendation for officers is for President, Past President, Vice President, Secretary, two Members at Large (previously members of the organization for no less than two years). These are not mandatory but recommended only.


The members of the organization will decide Referees eligible for membership. General guidelines will be for Referees between the age of 16 and 24. It is recommended that membership be limited to approximately 15 referees for the first full year of this program, preferably from all regions identified by the State. Members may increase membership by a majority in subsequent years. Members should be chosen based upon their performance as referees, their ability to serve as positive role models to even younger referees, their ability to contribute to the organization and the State, their desire to advance in grade, their desire to become better referees, and their desire to mentor younger referees. Members not fulfilling these duties may be dismissed from the organization. Dismissals can be recommended by any member with final decision being made by the SRA/SYRA.

Requirements ForMembership:

Active Referee with current USSF badge and members in good standing.

A fee of $15 will be paid by each member. This fund will be to defer costs on items such as matching apparel or a mutually-agreed-upon, out-of-state tournament during the membership year